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is a social media researcher, public interest technologist, and a fan of phoebe bridgers

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what i do

community manager β€” initiative for digital public infrastructure

the initiative for digital public infrastructure (idpi) is a research center at umass amherst that studies the civic and social role of internet platforms. idpi connects the school of public policy, department of communication, and manning college of information and computer sciences.

i'm the community manager for smalltown, an experimental social network for small-scale civic discussion. smalltown is currently deployed in amherst, massachusetts in partnership with amherst media.

researcher β€” media cloud

media cloud is an open-source media research project that enables the study of news and information flow globally.

i'm building tools for the international hate observatory project (ihop) to enable research on hateful video content and the youtube algorithm, including a YouTube data dashboard published at


received degrees in computer engineering (bs) and science, technology & society (ba) from umass amherst in 2022

served as a public interest technology fellow at the consumer financial protection bureau in 2022, where i worked on financial technology policy with the cfpb's chief technologist

worked as an engineering and computer science educator at the museum of science in boston from 2016 to 2020

starred in a series of advertisements for the disney movie frozen that were broadcast nationwide in 2014

employed as a software developer in a variety of industry and academic contexts

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